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Balance The Budget and Pay Off the Debt

Our four trillion dollar federal budget, $50,000 each year per family of four, is out of control.

The Choice

Our federal government's debt is more than $19 trillion, more than $200,000 per family of four.

Without radical changes, our growing debt will destroy our country, the value of the dollar, and our economy.

Republicans and Democrats have lied to you and sold our country to special interests who benefit from reckless spending.

Government already takes a third of what we earn in taxes. Giving government more money is not the answer.

This is your choice: Do you vote for the old parties that are destroying our country? Or do you join with Libertarians to save it?

The Change

Immediately pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Save more than a trillion dollars a year with these ten changes in our federal government:

These changes will produce a sustained budget surplus. Use it to pay down the debt.

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